Transformers: ReAnimated Issue 33, Way of the Nightbird, Part 2

Here it is! (PDF Download)Audio Version! (MP3 Download Coming Soon!)YouTube Version (Coming Soon!) It’s the first Wednesday of April. It’s also New Comic Book Day! Get our FREE** and brand new issue of Transformers: REANIMATED issue 33 now! Just like all our comics, IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE! The Decepticons, with the aid of a fully restored Nightbird, have…Read more

Audio Version of Transformers: ReAnimated Issue 19, ’The Arcee Activation ’ Play in new window | DownloadNow you can listen to the audio version of Transformers: ReAnimated Issue 19, The Arcee Activation. It’s also up on Apple Podcasts, Google Play and most other podcast feeders. It’s also available on YouTube. For this audio reading of Transformers: ReAnimated Issue 19, we were assisted by the voice talents of:…Read more

Audio Version of ‘Autobots Under Arrest’ Play in new window | DownloadNow you can download an audio version of Transformers: REANIMATED, issue 2, Autobots Under Arrest. This week Greig and I are joined by Mike Seibert of Mike Seibert Radio and Aaron and Ryan from the Autopod Decepticast as we read through issue 2 and voice out the cast of characters….Read more

REANIMATED Issue 2: Autobots Under Arrest

Here it is! (800-KB PDF Download)Audio Version! (56-MB MP3 Download) This is issue 2 of our rejected Transformers: REANIMATED comic series. So we are releasing it here as fan fiction. With line art and colors provided by comic book artist Damon Batt. Words written by Greig Tansely from the Unfunny Nerd Tangent Podcast and me (Yoshi),…Read more

Audio Version of ‘A White House For Peace’. Play in new window | DownloadNow you can download an audio version of Transformers: REANIMATED, issue 1, A White House For Peace. Greig and I both enjoy audiobooks and podcasts. Naturally, we thought that recording ourselves reading out issue 1 and tossing it up would be useful for those of you who have not…Read more

Thank You For Breaking Our Website

Yesterday was amazing, you guys! The response to Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 1 – A White House For Peace, was something that Greig and I had never seen before. It was truly incredible. At one point around 9:10 AM PST, this website was getting so many view requests coming in at the same time it crashed!…Read more