Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 1: A White House For Peace

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This is issue one of our rejected Transformers: REANIMATED comic script. So we are releasing it here as fan fiction.

Issue 1, Page 17

With line art provided by Transformers comic book artist Casey Coller, and colors splashed on by comic book colorist Tom. B. Long . Finally, words written by Me (Yoshi), from the YoshiCast and TransMissions podcast and Greig Tansley from the Unfunny Nerd Tangent podcast.

Transformers: REANIMATED is a labor of love to bridge the gap between the end of the seminal second season and the 1986 Movie that defined the childhood of millions. We hope these pages will have the effect of transporting you back to the 1980s cartoon series, all while putting a smile on your face.

Greig and I hoped for this comic series to accurately mimic the tone of the original 80s G1 cartoon at the end of the second season. As each issue came out and we inevitably wrote our way closer and closer to the events of the 1986 movie, we wanted to gently transition the tone of the book from the second series of the cartoon to the darker tone of the animated movie.

At present, Greig and I are sitting on 5 more scripts to release. One once a month. Ideally on the first Wednesday of the month. That makes the release of issue 2 set for Wednesday, September 4th.

Why the month long wait between releases when we already have completed scripts? Good question! Though the scripts are completed we have no art for them at all. With a month of time between releases we hope to be able to work with an artist to provide at least cover images for each issue. If we aren’t able to pull that off within a month’s time then we will release the script with our art. So right now our top priority is to get some kind of art done for issue two, titled: Autobots Under Arrest.

Greig and I have some more posts planned between now and issue 2. Including in-depth posts about the line work provided by Casey Coller and the vibrant cartoon-invoking colors painted on by Tom. B Long.

Finally, did you like our first issue: A White House For Peace? Then please consider contacting IDW Publishing (Via E-mail or Twitter) and letting them know you would like to see Transformers: REANIMATED as an IDW ongoing comic book written by Yoshi and Greig Tansley.

Thank you all for checking out our script and all the feedback we have gotten already. We see that there is a huge need for original G1 content and Greig and I are happy to help fill that need in the form of this fan fiction comic.

Till All Are One,

17 Replies to “Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 1: A White House For Peace”

  1. This is exactly the story that needs to be told. We children of the 80s have been wanting to fill that storyline gap for our entire lives.

    Thank you for bringing this to us, Yoshi and Greig!

    1. Wow! Thank You, Scott! Glad you enjoyed it so much. We have a few more issues headed your way. Stay Tuned!

  2. I know the story I want to see in this, but seriously doubt it’ll be in here. My idea was pulling references to many past episodes to explain both the absence of Sparkplug and the addition of Ultra Magnus. It would incorporate the white Prime body, but also explain why we never see him in that form again. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to pitch it before you began. You might have used it.

    1. Greg, Our story ideas were pitched as an ongoing comic book series. It was never intended to be a one and done. To explain everything and end everything in a single issue. Even a single extended issue. The only way we could see this idea working was in an ongoing series. Most everything would have been explained at some point before catching up with the 86 movie and ending the series.

  3. Finally getting the chance to read this Yoshi , and really enjoyed it. I was imagining it just like it was a G1 Cartoon episode. Such great work !!!

  4. I’ve just finished the first episode and I’m loving what you’ve done so far.
    You’ve really captured the nuances of the cartoon – I can almost hear the background music in each scene.
    So glad that you’ve taken the time to do this and can’t wait to see where it goes – especially the transition to the darker atmosphere of the movie.
    Thanks for all your hard work!
    Cheers, John

    1. Thank you, John. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series and we have many more issues on the way.

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