Thank You For Breaking Our Website

Yesterday was amazing, you guys! The response to Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 1 – A White House For Peace, was something that Greig and I had never seen before. It was truly incredible.

At one point around 9:10 AM PST, this website was getting so many view requests coming in at the same time it crashed!

It took us some time to figure out what the cause was. Sometimes web servers can get so many view requests coming in at once that they freak out and just stop responding. That is where load balancing comes in. This was not the case with us.

We traced the issue down to an outdated version of PHP. Once we updated this piece of server-side software the website started working again and hasn’t had an issue since.

Why this older version of PHP was on the server is beyond me. What I do know is that with all you coming in and hitting our website so fast and crashing it made us go in and update this older piece of software and check for any other outdated programs. You guys basically showed us what was wrong with and helped us fix it.

Total downtime was just under 30 minutes.

Yesterday we also discovered minor formatting issues with issue 1’s PDF file. No one pointed these out to us yesterday. That’s a clue about how minor they really were.

The issue comes from Mac OS X. When I opened our script in our script editor and copied all the text over to our PDF creator, BLAMO! The system defaults assumed we didn’t mean to have whole words capitalized.

Like I said, it was a minor formatting issue. As of now, you can redownload Transformers: REANIMATED issue 1, A White House For Peace with all the correct formatting.

Did you enjoy our first issue of Transformers: REANIMATED yesterday? Then please consider contacting IDW Publishing (Via E-mail or Twitter) and letting them know you would like to see Transformers: REANIMATED as an IDW ongoing comic book written by Yoshi and Greig Tansley.

Thank you all again and the next issue of Transformers: REANIMATED is set for release on Wednesday, September 4th.

Till All Are One,
Yoshi & Greig

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