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Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 8: Snowblind

Transformers comic cover with Mirage appearing and his guns blazing at some Decepticons

Here it is! (PDF Download)Audio Version! (MP3 Download) It’s New Comic Book Day, so you know that that means – Another issue of Transformers: ReAnimated! Within these digital pages, you will find a story written with a love for the G1 glory days. This story helps fill the gap between the end of the original…Read more

REANIMATED Issue 2: Autobots Under Arrest

Transformers comic cover with Optimus Prime posed as lady justice holding broken scales

Here it is! (800-KB PDF Download)Audio Version! (56-MB MP3 Download) This is issue 2 of our rejected Transformers: REANIMATED comic series. So we are releasing it here as fan fiction. With line art and colors provided by comic book artist Damon Batt. Words written by Greig Tansely from the Unfunny Nerd Tangent Podcast and me (Yoshi),…Read more

Mike Seibert Radio Interview

Greig and I were invited on the Mike Seibert Radio Podcast to talk about our work on Transformers: Reanimated and what our plans are for the future of the project. Some of the things we talked about where: What is Transformers: REANIMATED? How did the two of you decide to work together on this? How…Read more

Transformers and the Masters of the Universe

14 days after Greig and I announced that we would be releasing our unread IDW G1 Transformers script, it was announced that Mattel and Netflix are launching a new Masters of the Universe series that takes place directly after the end of the original series’ second season. The new Master of the Universe: Revelation series…Read more

How It All Began

As Greig and I get ready to release the first Transformers: REANIMATED comic book script this Wednesday morning I thought it would be fun to share with you how we got started on this project. Back in March 2018, encouraged by IDW Publishing’s comic book colorist and letterer, Tom B. Long, I started work on…Read more


Welcome to Transformers: REANIMATED. A fan fiction site that is the direct result of IDW Publishing, turning down our Transformers G1 cartoon script. IDW did not just turn us down. They flat out would not read it. So we are giving you the chance to do what they could not and check out this new…Read more