Mike Seibert Radio Interview

Mike Seibert

Greig and I were invited on the Mike Seibert Radio Podcast to talk about our work on Transformers: Reanimated and what our plans are for the future of the project.

Some of the things we talked about where:

  • What is Transformers: REANIMATED?
  • How did the two of you decide to work together on this?
  • How do we feel about IDW’s current Transformers comic?
  • What was the submission process like?
  • What did we really think was going to happen after we submitted the Transformers: REANIMATED script?
  • What was it like working with artist Casey Coller, and colorist Tom B. Long?
  • Do we think Hasbro is going to take issue with what we have done?
  • How can folks help out with Transformers: REANIMATED?
  • What were your favorite writers or episodes of the original G1 cartoon that helped influence your writing of Transformers: REANIMATED?
  • Does both of you being drummers help you work together?
  • Why is Airplane the greatest comedy every made?

We both had a lot of fun going on Mike’s show and talking about this project. Omega Supreme-sized thanks go out Mike for seeing the interest in our creative endeavor and helping get the word out. Thank you!

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