Welcome to Transformers: REANIMATED. A fan fiction site that is the direct result of IDW Publishing, turning down our Transformers G1 cartoon script.

IDW Publishing’s Rejection Letter

IDW did not just turn us down. They flat out would not read it. So we are giving you the chance to do what they could not and check out this new fictional continuation of the G1 cartoon we all know and love.

One Wednesday a month we will release one of our written Transformers: REANIMATED scripts. To the best of our ability, we will try to release a new comic book script on a Wednesday that IDW does not have a new Transformers comic book coming out. Having this month of time between releases will also allow us a chance to get an artist to provide a page for art for each comic script.

You can expect to see our first script up on the morning of Wednesday, August 7, 2019.

Until then stay tuned. We have other goodies we are eager to share with you.

Till All Are One!

13 Replies to “Introduction”

  1. Hey Yoshi,

    This is a great idea and I can’t wait to check it out. Looking forward to reading the first script on 8/7!

  2. Most comic book publishers will not read unsolicited pitches. This is a well documented legal precaution, don’t take offence at it.

  3. I just discovered this site and I’m glad someone is covering stuff between the 2nd season and the movie because there are lots of gaps to fill.

    While it is norm that comic book companies will not read unsolicited stories, they have their own ideas for the Transformers in their comic universe. Good thing you have someone from the inside mentoring you.

    I’m also glad you’re putting these ideas on the site because I’m starting on reading these online Transformers comics. It feels like an original series cartoon episode.

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