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Trailer narrated by Stuart Christensen.

April is here and you can count on two things happening: Tax will need to be filed and a hot new issue of Transformers: REANIMATED will be ready for you to enjoy! So since you have until the 15th to file those pesky taxes why not put them off until you finish reading the latest issue of Transformers: REANIMATED titled Rise From The Ranks, Part 1.

This month’s cover sees the incredible team of Casey Coller and John-Paul Bove returning once again to capture your imagination. It features a powerhouse of Autobots. From Optimus Prime, Blurr and Kup, along with Ultra Magnus, Impactor, Elita One and Springer. I am pretty sure Mirage is also on the cover. He just can’t be seen because… well… you know…

So, don’t worry about filing for your refund check because this, like all our issues, is 100% free! Download it now!

Kup’s rag-tag team of explorers finally returns to Cybertron to reunite with their long lost leader, Optimus Prime. But the happy reunion is short-lived as the fearsome Skyquake and his Predators also return to the Transformers’ home-world with none other than the Autobot Matrix of Leadership in his ambitious possession. Will Skyquake fulfill his destiny that threatens Autobots and Decepticons alike? Or will Optimus Prime and his unlikely ally, Megatron be able to wrench the Matrix from Skyquake’s devious hands?

Casey Coller and John-Paul Bove have done several covers for Transformers: REANIMATED before. Today they have returned with a cover that was inspired by Jim Lee’s The New 52 Justice League cover #1.

To let you all in on a little preview of what you can expect. Casey Coller and John-Paul Bove will be doing the next two covers for Transformers: ReAnimated as well. Rise From The Ranks, Part 2 and 3, allowing all three covers to connect as one GLORIOUS final image! This is something we have never done before with Transformers: REANIMATED and all of us working on these covers are really excited for you to see them all together and connected! Fitting too, with this three-part story being the culmination to a storyline that started more than a year ago with Kup’s Petro-Rabbit problems.

Written by Greig Tansley from the Unfunny Nerd Tangent podcast and Youseph (Yoshi) Tanha from the YoshiCast, this G1 adventure follows in the Transformers: ReAnimated tradition of bridging the gap between the cartoon’s second season and the 1986 Movie that defined the childhood of millions.

So, if you *did* like issue 57: Rise From The Ranks, Part 1, then please consider contacting SKYBOUND Entertainment (Via E-mail or Twitter) and let them know you would have liked to see Transformers: REANIMATED as an ongoing comic book series written by Yoshi and Greig.

‘Till All Are One!

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