Transformers comic cover with Skyquake holding the Autobot Matrix of Leadership

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Trailer narrated by Stuart Christensen.

May has arrived and there’s only two things you need to do. The first is to tell your mom we said, “Happy Mother’s Day”. The second is to download the latest issue of Transformers: REANIMATED titled: Rise From the Ranks, Part 2.

This month’s connecting cover continues the phenomenal work of Casey Coller and John-Paul Bove. It features the inevitable Skyquake holding the Autobot Matrix of Leadership.

On second thought, it might just be safer to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day and forget all about this issue of Transformers: REANIMATED. If you choose not to take our advice, know you can download the issue for free form here.

On the surface of Cybertron, yet another battle rages between the Autobots and Decepticons. Optimus Prime and Megatron remain steadfast in their opposition as the two warriors battle for control. But underground, a far greater menace threatens both Transformer factions. Having infiltrated Vector Sigma and disposing of one heroic Autobot, Skyquake remains unsatisfied. He seeks something of far greater importance, for beneath the great energy chamber lies the secret to true power. Will Skyquake manifest his destiny? Will he gain the power he seeks? Time will tell, and all that is certain is that in this issue… an Autobot dies.

Casey Coller and John-Paul Bove‘s cover this month was inspired by Marvel Tales Thanos, a cover by Jen Bartel.

This is the second in a three-connecting cover series. Casey Coller and John-Paul Bove will also be doing the third cover for Transformers: ReAnimated as well. Rise From The Ranks, Part 3, allowing all three covers to connect as one GLORIOUS final image! This is something we have never done before with Transformers: REANIMATED and all of us working on these covers are excited for you to see them all together and connected! Fitting too, with this three-part story being the culmination to a storyline that started more than a year ago with Kup’s Petro-Rabbit problems.

Written by Greig Tansley from the Unfunny Nerd Tangent podcast and Youseph (Yoshi) Tanha from the YoshiCast, this G1 adventure follows in the Transformers: ReAnimated tradition of bridging the gap between the cartoon’s second season and the 1986 Movie that defined the childhood of millions.

So, if you *did* like issue 58: Rise From the Ranks, Part 2, then please consider contacting SKYBOUND Entertainment (Via E-mail or Twitter) and let them know you would have liked to see Transformers: REANIMATED as an ongoing comic book series written by Yoshi and Greig.

‘Till All Are One!

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