Kremzeek Not Included

The Art Of Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 6

It was a few months ago when I handed Damon Batt the script for Transformers: REANIMATED, Issue 6, ‘Kremzeek Not Included’. He asked if we had any ideas for the cover. The honest answer was, no we didn’t. Damon then wanted to know the bullet points of the story in issue 6. Which I gave…Read more

Issue 6 Fan Art

Man, this is great! What Greig and I have to show you makes both of us so happy. Shortly after we recorded the reading of Transformers: REANIMATED issue 6, ‘Kremzeek Not Included’ with two of the Audio Knights Theater voice actors, one of them – RD Blade, was so inspired by the project and the…Read more

Audio Version of ‘Kremzeek Not Included’ Play in new window | DownloadNow you can download an audio version of Transformers: REANIMATED, issue 6, Kemzeek Not Included. It’s also up on iTunes, Google Play, and most other podcast feeders. For this audio reading of Transformers: REANIMATED, issue 6, ‘Kremzeek Not Included’ Greig and I invite two noble Audio Knights to join…Read more