Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 20: Dinobot Discipline.

Transformers comic cover with Jazz breakdancing in front of the Ark

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Today is Wednesday! Do you know what that means? New Comic Book Day! And around here it also means Free Comic Book Day!

This month, we bring back some G1 fan-favorites in the Dinobots! But it’s not all fun and games. When the Dinobots lose focus on the bigger picture yet again, Optimus Prime and his Autobots pair off with the synthetic saurians to teach them some new life skills.

Can Beachcomber soothe Slag’s rabid temper? Is Perceptor smart enough to improve Sludge’s brainpower? Can Ratchet teach Grimlock empathy, and will the fun-loving duo of Jazz and Blaster be able to crack Snarl’s grumpy outer shell? More importantly, will Swoop ever be the same after training under the Sultan of the Skies, Powerglide?

A wise man once said, be careful what you wish for, and in this case, Prime and the Autobots may soon regret they ever embarked on this latest attempt to discipline the Dinobots.

Written by Greig Tansley from the Unfunny Nerd Tangent podcast and Youseph (Yoshi) Tanha from the YoshiCast and the TransMissions Podcast, this G1 adventure follows in the Transformers: ReAnimated tradition of bridging the gap between the cartoon’s second season and the 1986 Movie that defined the childhood of millions, worldwide.

With an outstanding cover by artist Brian Shearer, this one is sure to please fans of Grimlock and his prehistoric pals.

So, if you did you like issue 20: Dinobot Discipline, Then please consider contacting SKYBOUND Entertainment (Via E-mail or Twitter) and let them know you would have liked to see Transformers: REANIMATED as an ongoing comic book series written by Yoshi and Greig.

‘Till All Are One!

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