Red Alert

Audio Version of ‘Singarda-Paranojo’ Play in new window | DownloadAre you home alone? Did you hear that? No, you’re not being paranoid, now you can listen to the anxious audio version of Transformers: ReAnimated Issue 14, Singarda-Paranojo. It’s also up on iTunes, Google Play and most other podcast feeders. But if you don’t want ‘them’ listening in, we…Read more

Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 15: Singarda-Paranojo

Transformers comic cover with Red Alert scared with his hands on his head

Here it is! (PDF Download)Audio Version! (MP3 Download)YouTube Version Kick off New Comic Book Day with a brand new issue of Transformers: ReAnimated! Really? You’re not just saying that? Within these PDF pages you will find a story that puts focus on what we here at ReAnimatred have come to call… “Greig’s Weirdos”. Namely: a paranoid Red Alert! This month, he…Read more