Audio Version of ‘Attack of the 4000-Foot Frenzy, Part 1’ Play in new window | DownloadNow you can download an audio version of Transformers: REANIMATED, issue 3, Attack of the 4000-Foot Frenzy, Part 1. You can also enjoy the audio version on YouTube! This week, Greig and I are joined by Transformers: REANIMATED fans James Fisher (Dogcades) and Toby Hixson (ALPHAMAGNUS), as we read through issue…Read more

Transformers: REANIMATED Is On YouTube!

Greig and I have been podcasters for many years now. We know that people want to listen to their shows in a variety of different ways, including being able to listen on YouTube. Starting today, we have launched our own YouTube channel with our read-throughs of Transformers: REANIMATED issue 1 and issue 2. When we…Read more