Audio Version of Transformers: ReAnimated ‘The Terror Within, Part 1’ Play in new window | DownloadCan the brand new Autobot team of Thunderbots protect the Wolf Creek Nuclear Power Plant in the heart of Kansas from the Energon hungry Decepticons? Find out now by listening to the audio version of Transformers: ReAnimated issue 16, The Terror Within, Part 1. It’s also up on iTunes,…Read more

Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 16: The Terror Within, Part 1

Transformers comic cover with Grimlock holding back the Terrorcons

Here it is! (PDF Download)Audio Version! (MP3 Download!)YouTube Version Plow into new comic book Wednesday with a brand new issue of Transformers: ReAnimated! Within these PDF pages you will find a story that pits the brand new Autobot team of Thunderbots against the evil Decepticons! Issue 16 brings in the extremely talented Dan Khanna to draw this issue’s cover of Grimlock and…Read more