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Transformers: ReAnimated Issue 34, Almighty Starscream

Transformers comic cover with Sideswipe flying through the sky with his jetpack and being chased by Starscream in Jet mode

Here it is! (PDF Download)Audio Version! (MP3 Download Coming Soon!)YouTube Version (Coming Soon!) It’s the first Wednesday of May. It’s also New Comic Book Day! Get our FREE** and brand new issue of Transformers: REANIMATED issue 34 now! Just like all our comics, IT’S COMPLETELY FREE! On the run from his former Decepticon allies, Starscream discovers two unlikely new…Read more

Audio Version of ‘Genius of Science’

http://www.transformersreanimated.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/Transformers_Reanimated_010.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadNow you can listen to the audio version of Transformers: REANIMATED, issue 7, ‘Genius of Science‘. It’s also up on iTunes, Google Play, and most other podcast feeders. If you are more of a YouTube fan we are trying it again. Let us know what you think. For this audio…Read more

Transformers: REANIMATED Issue 7: Genius of Science

Transformers comic cover with Skyfire leaning over Powerglide

Here it is! (PDF Download)Audio Version! (MP3 Download)YouTube Version! Issue 7 is the second issue of our rejected Transformers: REANIMATED comic series for 2020 and boy is it a doozy! Entitled: Genius of Science, it sees the return of a baddy that has not yet (officially) graced the pages of Transformers: REANIMATED, but is well…Read more